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We believe that providing the right resources and training to our agents is what makes us different. When you include an accountability compenant to this your growth will accelerate quicker, no matter your level of experience. Vision boards and established goals, weekly 1-on-1 meetings and daily numbers tracking are tools we use to help you stay accountable to your goals.

  • Our Agent Launch program is for new agents at Anthony REALTORS

  • Our Monday morning Team Meetings focus on market updates, technology training, and numbers reporting

  • Our weekly 1-on-1 Meetings allow us to dive deeper with each agent to talk about their goals and help them overcome anything that is holding them back

  • Our Friday Skills Trainings cover a rotating series of topics that are highly releveant to our local market and to being successful here


Our flagship new agent training program.

Our 6 week Agent Launch program is designed to get you up and running so that you can build a strong sales pipeline quickly!

In your first week of agent launch you will receive 1,000 leads from our Pond Account in BoomTown. These are people who were interested in buying and/or selling a house at one point, and many of these people have never been contacted yet.

It will be your job over the next 6 weeks to contact these people and find out if there is a “commissionable opportunity”. Your goal is to get this list down to 100 or so people who will be transacting in the next 18 months.

If you take this seriously and put in the work, you should expect to generate several deals and gain valuable new skills from this process.

You will also shadow experienced agents on every type of appointment so you can "learn the ropes".

You will have plenty of opportunities to show houses for other agent on the team too. This will allow you to gain valuable (and necessary) skills and market knowledge while earning a little bit of money in the process!

Week 1

Monday - Team Meeting
Tuesday - How to be Successful Here
Wednesday - Dialogue Training
Thursday - The Big Picture
Friday - Friday Skills Training

Week 2

Monday - Team Meeting
Tuesday - Buyers 1.0
Wednesday - Dialogue Training
Thursday - Real Estate Sales 1.0
Friday - Friday Skills Training

Week 3

Monday - Team Meeting
Tuesday - BoomTown 2.0
Wednesday - Dialouge Training
Thursday - BoomTown 3.0
Friday - Friday Skills Training


Monday - Team Meeting
Tuesday - Negotiation Strategies
Wednesday - Dialogue Training
Thursday - Buyers 2.0
Friday - Friday Skills Training


Monday - Team Meeting
Tuesday -
Time is Money
Wednesday - Dialogue Training
Thursday - Sellers 1.0
Friday - Friday Skills Training


Monday - Team Meeting
Tuesday - CMA Training
Wednesday - Dialogue Training
Thursday - Leads!
Friday - Friday Skills Training

Transitioning Into Real Estate and the Importance of Being Fully Immersed

we why want you to succeed quickly

Top 5 Reasons Why Agents Fail

5 Reasons why agents fail

agent master class

Agent Launch is just the beginning. The Agent Master Class dives deeper into buyer and seller mastery, mindset, time & money management, and everything else that you'll need to know to be successful here.

Friday trainings

We get together every Friday at 11am on Google Meet for a one hour training covering a series of rotating topics. The market is constantly changing and it's important to adjust your strategies in order to stay relevant and execute on the highest possible level.

Sample Friday Training

A vast knowledge base

Quickly find How To's, Best Practices, local market stats, and much more from our growing library of docs inside of our google drive knowledge base. These resources are specifically designed for someone to be successful at Anthony REALTORS. It's neatly organized on our private intranet, the Team Hub.